Photos of the Fire Olympics with Korea


Wir haben viel fotografiert mit einigen Kameras. Zurzeit sammele ich alle Bilder von unseren Kameraden. Später will ich die Bilder an den Varazdiner Feuerwehrverband schicken mit den während der Olympiade aufgenommen Videos.

We took pictures with several cameras. Now, I'm collecting all the pictures of our participants. I will later send the pictures with the videos shooted during the olympics to the Varazdin fire brigades association.


If you have any photo of us taken in Croatia, we hope you to send it to us. It will be a very important part of our memory.


We stayed in a classroom of a school and ate in the tent in the school.



Training with the teaching from Varazdin firefighters

The second official training in the stadium



We were appeared twice on TV studio



Opening Ceremony



A group from Mulhouse in France also taught us and therefore we cheered each other.



Play in the rain

The referees of our lane



We were always popular to foreign firefighters

Wir thanked Varazdin firefighters for their help



The president of CTIF, Mr. Walter Egger had special interest in our provincial fire chief.



Gift change

In front of the press center



Visit to the Bjelovar fire department

Signature for the youth fire brigade children



We were all friends in Croatia.




 Camp Olympics