119 - The Telephone number in emergency

 119 is the emergency telephone number in Korea. Aber 119 is also the symbol of fire service. This is the result from our effort. In fact, we needed a symbol with which people could recognize firefighters.

How can you call the 119 center in emergency, in Korea?

It is never difficult for everyone. If you have or find no phone, you must ask anybody around you for help.

And it is necessary for you to know how to use a public phone with no coin. In Korea, the number of public phones is decreasing and that of their users is also decreasing, because so many Koreans(70% or more of population) have their own hand(celluar) phones. So, I think it is not easy for you to find a public phone in Korea.

When you find a public phone, at first you push the emergency function button, and then push 1,1,9 buttons.

Look at the following pictures. "Roter knopf" means red buttons or that the letters on the buttons are red.

6 kinds of public Phones in Korea

Phone with vending machine


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