We wear new uniforms

We Korean firefighters wear very new uniforms. It is 8 years since we wore the old uniforms. We think that the new uniforms are praticable to us in one side, but in another side its design is not so gut.

We have to wear the new uniforms from this year, but we received just operational uniforms because of financial problem.

Detailed informations of old uniforms




Full-dress uniform

※ White ceremonial costume is not longer worn by firefighters.


Uniform of office workers


Uniform of office workers with jumper


Maternity clothes


Uniform of operation(Firefighting,Rescue,Ambulance)

The orange T-shirts is for the rescuers


Uniform of operation with vest


Uniform of operation with windjacket


Rain coat


Full-dress hat(Mann u. Frau)


: Winter


: Summer

: Spring & Fall







Shoes(man & lady)




Operational shoes(man & lady)



Insignia of ranks


Symbolpatch of Cap & Full-dress hat


Symbolpatch of uniforms

Fuctional patches(is to one)

Korean Fire Departments have fucntional patches with provincial ones. In this time, the fuctional patches will disappear and a new fire patche will be substituted.






Necktie pin





Detailed informations of old uniforms