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Visit to Europe in 2003

In the last October, I visited European fire brigades in Croatia, Hungary and Germany during October 13 ~ 26. You can see the pictures with story about the visit if you click here. I took 5-hour-long video with my camcoder.


Fire vehicles parade & demontration


Croatia (3.3Minutes, 7Mb)


Before the 130th annual celebration of Bjelovar fire brigade, fire vehicles parade and firefighting demonstration were shown to citizen.


The 130th annual celebration


Croatia (24.5Minutes, 47Mb)


The main reason of our visit to Croatia is to participate in the 130th annual celebration of Bjelovar Fire Briagade.


Goettingen Fire Brigade


Germany (27.5Minutes, 53Mb)


We visited Goettingen professional fire brigades. There we could look around the building and so many kinds of equippments. It was so great experience to us.


Training of the youth Fire Brigade


Germany (4.5Minutes, 9Mb)


I'm so interested in youth fire brigades. During this visit to the volunteer fire brigade in Goettingen, I could see weekly training of its youth fire brigade.


Visit to ASB


Germany (20Minutes, 39Mb)


During our visit to Goettingen, we stayed in a public building. The building was used for several kinds of voluteer organizations. One of them was ASB.(Arbeiter Samariter Bund). Nearby the building, there was its warehouse.


Visit to Schlema Fire Brigade Museum


Germany (17Minutes, 33Mb)


We visited Schlema, Sachsen and have a nice time with voluteer firefighters and our big friend in Schlema Fire Brigade Museum.


Chemnitz Fire Brigade


Germany (22Minutes, 11Mb)


We visited Chemnitz 3rd professional fire brigade. We could look around the building. Especially, the training facilities were so impressive to us.


Test of voluteer fire brigades


Germany (28.5Minutes, 55Mb)


We visited Geyer and stayed with the family of the chief of Geyer volunteer fire brigade. By chance, we look on the regular joint test of 4 volunteer fire brigades.


Knot test of voluteer firefighters


Germany (7.5Minutes, 15Mb)


During the joint test, we could look on the knot test of some firefighters. Their skill was so great.



World Firefighters Games

A The 7th World Firefighters Games were held in Christchurch, New Zealand in October, 2002. I also participated in the Games as a coordinator of our team. I took so many pictures and 6-hour-long videos with my camcoder.

World Firefighters Games 1


New Zealand(Opening Ceremony)


(27Minutes, 47Mb)


About 30 nations participated in the Games.


World Firefighters Games 2


New Zealand(Toughest Firefighter)


(31.5Minutes, 57Mb)


Not all of those who participated in this event are tough. But, it was so interesting to see they doing their best.


World Firefighters Games 3


New Zealand(Great old firefighters)


(15Minutes, 26Mb)


During the Games, I met some old participants. Their plays in the event of toughest firefighter was so great.


World Firefighters Games 4


New Zealand(Great women 1)


(44.5Minutes, 77Mb)


Some women participated in the toughest firefighter. The women showed so impressive plays.


World Firefighters Games 5


New Zealand(Tae-kwon-do)


(10Minutes, 18Mb)


Tae-kwon-do is one of the Korean traditional military arts and it is one of the regular item of Olympic sports event.


World Firefighters Games 6


New Zealand(Tae-kwon-do Demonstration)


(7.5Minutes, 13Mb)


Tae-kwon-do is now distributed to the so many countries and so many foreigners. Before the game, demontration was shown by some boys who were enjoying it in New Zealand.


World Firefighters Games 7


New Zealand(Speedy fire supression)


(41.5Minutes, 71.5Mb)


This event had closet relation with firefigting and was very interesting.


World Firefighters Games 8


New Zealand(Challenge Course)


(28Minutes, 48Mb)


This place of this game is the military hit-and-run attack training field.


World Firefighters Games 9


New Zealand(Great women 2)


(9Minutes, 16Mb)


Some women participated in the challenge course. A old woman showed a nice play.


World Firefighters Games 10


New Zealand(Visit to the fire brigade)


(5Minutes, 9Mb)


During the Games we had a chance to visit a volunteer fire brigade with other foreign firefighters.

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