Foreign firefighters


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Chilian Fire Brigade

 I have ever studied Spanish for myself. With the help of dictionary, I can a little bit Spanish understand. But because of this language problem, my try to contact with Chilian firefitghter is limited.

Fortunately, there are some firefigters who can understand English understand. I could contact with such a firefighter from Antofagasta. He helps me to understand Chilian fire service.

He sent some videos to me.

Fire Brigade Antofagasta


(8.3Minutes, 58Mb)


The fire brigade seems to me so impressive. Every firefighter is volunteer, but he wait for alarm not at home, but in the fire house.


A tactical exercise of the fire brigade


(10.5Minutes, 39Mb)


The firefighters execute a tactical exercise. The exercise impressed me so much because of thier fassion and their training facility.


Rescue in the vehicle accident


(7Minutes, 27Mb)


The firefighters seem that they have good equippments, but they execute a nice rescue.


Fire Brigades' Competitions


(43.5Minutes, 163Mb)


These competitions are new to me, but they seem to me partially TFA of WFG and CTIF Olympics.


 First open : May 22. 2008

Last Update : December 22. 2009