CTIF Olympics


Training 1


(54Min, 94Mb)


We trained so much everyday under the teaching of the native firefighters and sunshine.


Training 2


(57Min, 99Mb)


Official trainings were just 2 times, but we trained so much.


Opening Ceremony


(42Min, 73Mb)


Our group insisted of just 13 firefighters, but die cheering from the on the spectators was so great, because we participated in the CTIF Olympics for the first time.


Closing Ceremony


(59Minuten, 102Mb)


Our result was not so gut despite we tried our best. But we found hope and possiblity.


On the TV Stages


(57Minuten, 99Mb)


During our stay in Croatia, the interest of TV and press was so great. Therefore we stood in the TV stages.


Introduction of Nations and Friendship


(44Minuten, 77Mb)


We showed our culture and tradition in the official event "Introduction of Nations". And we mixed us very well with other firefighters.


Meeting with CTIF President


(8Minuten, 14Mb)


CTIF also had much interest in Korean fire service. And the president of CTIF had a meeting with our provincial fire service commander.


General Assembly


(14Minuten, 25Mb)


During the Olympics, the CTIF General Asembly was held.




(13Minuten, 23Mb)


During the Olympics, the CTIF General Asembly was held.


With the firefighters in Bjelovar


(22Minuten, 39Mb)


I have already been to Bjelovar fire brigades. And our translator was the son of the chief of the fire department. The fire officers invited us and we had very impressive time with the firefighters.


 First open : October 31. 2005.