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The fire is not extinguished


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 Making contact with fire, some oxides emit oxygen. So, they can sustain burning with that oxygen, and are consequently unable to be extinguished with CO2 Fextinguisher


"Na" in water causes explosion


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 Natrium is very very unstable and therefore has a tremendous tendancy to bind with any ion,atom,molecule.


 When a clod of natrium drops into water, natriums bind with OH- ions from Wasser. Therefore the rest, many H+ ions from water bind with each other and form hydrogen. This reaction produces tremendous heat.


 The heat lets hydrogens explode.



Rescue with ladder and rope


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 A technic of rescue used when we rescue a man under our location .


Climbing with Juma


(5 Seconds, 100Kb)


 Juma(in englisch?) helps to climb a steep rocknface.



Dropping from a Helicopter


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There are about 15 Helicopters for fire service.


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