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Rescuer in a special fire rescue troop


(24Minutes, 56Mb)


Every Korean fire statio has its fire rescue troop. Many rescuers have discharged from special military troops.



EMS firewoman in a Fire Station


(29Minutes, 62Mb)


In every Korean fire station, there are fire women. In the past most of them have duty of EMS, but recently more and more firewomen working for firefighting.


Firewoman in a Fire Station


(21Minutes, 49Mb)


Recently more and more firewomen are working for firefighting. But, because of several actual problem the number of them is very limited. As I know, foreign fire brigades has similar problem.


Fire brigade in an island


(10Minutes, 18Mb)


Korea has about 3,300 islands. Most of them exist in South and West. Only a few islands exist in East. In relatively large islands have fire brigades. This Video is about the fire brigade in Ulung island in East.


Military Firefighters' Training 1


(87Minutes, 152Mb)


In Korea the system of military firefighters began in 2002. But we can pick out military firefighters by the year of 2005. Therefore, there will be no military firefighters in 2008. They work and live in fire brigades for 2 years. The term of their duty is the same as that of normal soldiers.


Military Firefighters' Training 2


(115Minutes, 199Mb)


Military firefighters are trained in army recruit training center and then in fire school. After the training, they are scattered to fire brigades.

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