Practice in Europe

I executed a 6-month-long practice in fire departments in Germany and other 7 countries. Mostly I stayed at German professional fire departments and I visited volunteer fire brigades, THW school, fire school and red cross ems center. You can get detailed information about my information of my practice here.

I want to thank those who helped me to learn what I wanted. And special thanks to Mr. Gerhard Lai, Mr. Markus Bruchmann and my former chief.

During the practice, I took so many pictures and shoot much with my camcorder almost everyday and every time. It will take so much time to edit all the videos, so I upload step by step.

I hope you firefighters to share what I learned in sevral coutries and I wish that more firefighters take more interest in exchanging experiences.

Because of the public relations of the professional fire departments, it seems to me so difficult for me to show the videos of the fire departments.


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Stuttgart Fire Department


Stuttgart Fire Department was my first practice place. I stayed mostly at the fire station 2. Therefore, the fire station is my second home. In 2006, I visited the fire station again with my wife during my honeymoon trip.

During the practice in the fire station, I saw the training new firefighters and interesting lecture of the Bosch factory fire brigade.


Ausbildung des Verkehrsunfalls für Azubi(47Min, 80Mb)


Übung des Strassenbahnunfalls(58Min, 99Mb)


'Flashover' - Bosch Werkfeuerwehr(27Min, 44Mb)


Karlsruhe Fire Department


Karlsruhe Fire Department was my second practice place. This fire department was another fire department to me in Germany. The colleagues spoke another dialect  and have their own traditions. And there was no fire women.

But there was much to learn for me. Duty sports, fire education, management, accounting, video editing, Sylvester, etc.


Operation 'Traffic accident' of Truck (14Min, 24Mb)


Breathing appartus management(51Min, 86Mb)


Duty sports(31Min, 52Mb)


Smoke house(42Min, 24Mb)


Fire safety education in dm(71Min, 104Mb)


Fire Brigades and Red Cross Sea Rescue


Kiel is located in upper part in Germany and nearby the sea. A special firefighter invited me to Kiel. He works for living in a EMS branch and is a volunteer firefighter. But he is specially manager of the "Online-Feuerwehr-Magazin", so called "Feuerwehrwelt".  On this website we can see pitures and hear radio broadcating.

It is interesting, that his girlfriend and a family helps him willingly without wage. Several journalists visited me in Kiel. Especially, they wondered because I knew the Bräutigamseiche.

In Kiel, I visited various fire brigades: Professional, volunteer, military fire brigades. And I visited also Sea Rescue Boat of Red Cross.

And the uniform of the firefighters seemed me so new.


Fire Brigades 1(55Min, 89Mb)


Fire Brigades 2(63Min, 104Mb)


Sea Rescue of Red Cross(27Min, 44Mb)



Volunteer Fire Brigade Zschornewitz


Zschornewitz is a very small town nearby Leipzig. But there is a closed factory, which supplied electric power to other cities in DDR.


Fire Brigade Zschornewitz(37Min, 64Mb)



Volunteer Fire Brigade Müllheim


In this fire brigade, I stayed 5 days. The fire brigade consists of 8 parts(small fire brigades). Part Müllheim ist main fire brigade. I learned much there about the German volunteer fire brigades. The chief informed me that the number of the firefighters is decreasing. I recognized the another side of the German volunteer fire brigades.

I had chance to see the various technical trainings of activ firefighters and youth fire brigade members.

And I was dispatched with the ambulance for the first time in Germany in a Red Cross Ems base. It was so impressed. In addition, I visited THW base.


Fire Brigade Müllheim 1(68Min, 118Mb)


Fire Brigade Müllheim 2(35Min, 61Mb)


Fire Brigade Müllheim 3(22Min, 38Mb)


Fire Brigade Müllheim 4(58Min, 102Mb)


Visit to THW(10Min, 17Mb)


An Ems base of Red Cross(77Min, 135Mb)


Fire safety Education for visitors 1(52Min, 91Mb)


Fire safety Education for visitors 2(55Min, 96Mb)



Freiburg Fire Department


In the fire department in Freiburg, I stayed for about 35 days. There were just one fire station in Freiburg and the structure of office work seemed not so complicated to me. In the garage of the fire station, there is an interesting room, where the operational firefighters change wears in alarm. I could never see such a room in other fire departments, because only the firefighters in Freiburg fire department wear over underwear.

The chief of the fire department is a specialist of dangerous materials and accident responses and therefore he produced a good but so expensive software. But he is not yet rich with it.

Once in Freiburg, I was so well known that almost everybody recognized me in the incident places, because I was appeared in regional newspapers and TV.


Freiburg Fire Department 1(57Min, 97Mb)


Freiburg Fire Department 2(59Min, 96Mb)


Freiburg Fire Department 3(52Min, 86Mb)


Freiburg Fire Department 4(61Min, 101Mb)


Freiburg Fire Department 5(47Min, 76Mb)


Fire safety education in a kindergarten(56Min, 92Mb)


Guide for the vistior from a kindergarten(37Min, 62Mb)



Fire Brigades in Saarbrücken


The Webmaster of the volunteer fire brigade Bismischeim in Saarland invited me to his fire brigade. The firefighters of the fire brigade were so friendly to me and the commander gave me a room to sleep.

The firefighters trank much with me and the atmosphere seemed so korean to me. I visited fire department, airport fire brigade and several volunteer fire brigades.

And I met a German who came from Korea as a miner. A colleague of the fire brigade gave us a chance to meet.


Fire Brigades in Saarbrücken(47Min, 81Mb)



Fire Department in Frankfurt


By chance, I was invited by a vistor to my homepage during my practice. His name is Tim Lauer and he is a professional firefighter and a volunteer firefighter in Nieder-Ramstadt. I saw an interesting training of youth fire brigade.

Because of a problem, I deleted the videos of the professional fire department.


Frankfurt Fire Department(70Min, 120Mb)


Airport Fire Department(57Min, 94Mb)


Youth Fire Brigade(57Min, 94Mb)



Fire safety Education with experiments in Mengen


Mr. Markus Bruchmann played a big role in my practice and I stayed at his house when I had no practice. He is a volunteer fire brigade in Mengen. His collegues were friendly to me, and I visited their fire brigade on and off.



Fire safety experiments(69Min, 118Mb)


Provincial fire school in Baden-Würtemberg


I stayed in the provincial fire school in Baden-Würtemberg for a week and I participated in the course of operational commanders. The training place is located far from the main building, but it has very good facilities for training. We trained with a simulation house "Brandhaus"


Firefighting & Rescue 1(34Min, 60Mb)


Firefighting & Rescue 2(38Min, 66Mb)


Firefighting & Rescue 3(35Min, 62Mb)


Firefighting & Rescue 4(55Min, 95Mb)


Firefighting &Rescue 5(32Min, 55Mb)



Radioactive Response(23Min, 49Mb)


Lecture for incident commanders(37Min, 65Mb)


Nürnberg Fire Department



I visited Josef Klug in Nürnberg Fire Department. My staying was so short, but I recognzed one more time, that he has very good knowledge about fire service. Especially, the fire museum was so impressive to me.


Fire Museum(45Min, 78Mb)


Rescue Equippments(42Min, 71Mb)




Floriansdorf is a special village for fire safety education, and it is located in Iserlohn, Germany. I informed this village to Korea for the first time and several groups from Korea visited the village. During the visit, I was appointed as an honorary ambassador.

The Floriansdorf is next to Iserlohn Fire Department. And it is supported by the firefighters.


Facilities of Floriansdorf(57Min, 94Mb)


Feuerwehr Iserlohn(27Min, 12Mb)


Fire Brigades and EMS Branches in Broistedt(Modified)


Broistedt is a little bit small town and about 100km away from Hannover. Nico Leiser is an EMS operator and volunteer firefighter. He let me stay at his home and guided me.

I learned so much about EMS system and fortunately I could see he passing the exam.


Volunteer Fire Brigades(22Min, 37Mb)



EMS School and Branches(52Min, 88Mb)



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