Download Fire videos

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But some computers have problem when playing the videos.

Please let me know without hesitation whenever you meet any problem!

You can watch and download so many long fire videos in this web-site. I was the manager of the web-site of the National Fire Service Bureau and now help the next current manager. Because the web-site has a big hard-disk, all the firefighters upload their own videos and other people download them. Click Here

So far, I helped many foreign firefighters to collect fire items and received some videos from them in return. I edited the videos and uploaded in the server to show to them Koreans.

I think it will be so helpful to you to watch the videos. And it will help you to understand fire services in Korea and Foreign countries.

But, you Internet has good speed to download fast.

If you have videos which you want to show to others, send it to me, please! Then I will let your videos be shown in my and your web-site.

My postal address:

  Zjo Hion-kook

  Yeong-wol-eup Ha-song 5-ri 288, Fire Department

  230-809 Gang-won-do, South Korea


For the national Firemuseum

To my sorry, there is yet no fire museum in Korea. We have a few small fire collections, but it doesn't fucntion as a museum. Because of the short fire history(The first nation of Korea was founded about 5,000 years ago) and the wars, we cannot get enough and various articles for a museum.

Nevertheless, we will build a national fire museum in the city Tae-baek.

For the museum, we wait for your help :

We are preparing for the budget for the collecting the historical artcle from foreign countries. But it is not yet sure how much the budget is or when the budget prepared is.

These days, I am investigating the foreign fire articles, which we can buy or receive without cost.

If you have historical fire articles to sell or give to us, please let us know!


  Interantional Firefighters Exchange Program

Recently our korean fire departments are trying to exchange firefighters with your foreign firefighters. This program is based on the idea that with this program enable us to accelerate the exchange of our experiences and techniques, and therefore correct bad things and then develope each other's fire services.

We don't have detailed program because of lack of experience in the field of this international program, but we are now collecting information for the planning the program. Any way, we expect that we can start this program in the next year.


Our temprary conditions for the program is like following:

1. The number of exchanging firefighters must be same.

2. The term of staying in each other's fire department is 6~12 months. We Korean firefighter have to stay longer 6~12 months, but your firefighter can stay shorter than 6 months.

3. The costs for staying each other's countries and wages are to be payed by firefighters' original fire departments.

4. Additionaly, we will give foreign fireifghters who stay in Korea according to this program chances to face our nature and culture.


We are waiting for your help because we have little experiece regarding program, and if you have interest in this program, Tell us please! Your application will be welcomed.


I need design drawings of the fire briagde

 Our fire service is so administrative and much space of a fire house is for administrative work. And its building has not so sufficient space for equippments and firefighters.

 In addition, government is unwilling to invest enough money to build a good fire house. But, what's the most impotant problem, is we don't know how to design the best building with the same money.

 Recently, many fire officers ask me to show a design drawing of a good fire house in foreign countries since I showed the pictures of German fire brigades.

 In these days, many of the old fire departments are trying to rebuild or move. And many a new fire departments are being built. So, many fire officers try to make a better fire houses than old ones.

 As I know, there is no model for a good fire department in Korea. So, I hope for your help. I wish you to send copies of design drawings of your fire houses.

 If you can do so, I'll send what you want.

 For example, helmet, T-shirts, patches and so forth. If our fire officers are satisfied with your design drawings, I'll be able to receive more and better fire items from them.

 I hope for your interest and help.



The First Brochure of Korean Fire Service

 Recently, the National Fire Service published the first brochure to introduce Korean Frie Service to foreign countries for the first time. In the brochure you can get so much information about the organism, history, fields of activities, and other things in Korean Fire Service.

If you need, you can download acrobat - formatted document.

Please, click here!


I need uniforms of youth fire brigades

 According to a report of CTIF, there are 30 countries in Europe, which have youth fire brigades. Also in Korea, so many members in youth fire brigades. In almost all elementary schools 50~60 children belong to youth fire brigade.

 In this year, our fire officers in the National Fire Bureau are planning to found youth fire brigades also in Kindergartens and middle schools in spite of existing problems and my opposition.

Our youth fire brigades consist of the children, who were appointed by the reponsible teachers. There is niether uniform nor training only for the members.

In conclusion, youth fire brigade has no meaning in Korea.

I try to inform to our fire officers about foreign youth fire brigades. On and off, I buy videos and magazines about that.

In this year, I'm planning to collect and exhibit clothes of foreign youth fire brigades. I think that it will be helpful to my explanation about the problems on youth fire brigades.

So I strive for collecting clothes of foreign youth fire brigades. My goal is 10 ~15 suits of clothes. But, it is so difficult to me.

I hope for your interest and help. If you help me, I will compensate for that with check or other items.


 I need children's paintings

 As I know, there are paintings contests for fire service or fire safety in foreign countries. I have already seen some paintings through the web-sites of fire service and I felt that they were defferent from each other and interesting to us. And I could indirectly know about the fire safety and fire service in foreign countries.

 In this reason, I think that an exhibition with the foreign paintings of children will be helpful and interessant to us.


 I want to know if you can send or lend your paintings of children if you have a paintngs contest about fire service and fire safety every year in your countries.

I want to know your opinion about my idea.


 I wait for your contact.(


News for Patchcollectors

So far, I have sent so many all kinds of Korean fire patches to many foreign firefighters. The kinds of Korean fire patches were 14. But recently, an old patch and a new patch started to be used in Korea, and therefore there are 16 kinds of fire patches now in Korea.

I purchased a lot of these new fire patches and send the patches to you if you want.

But, I'm not a collector and have little interest in the fire patches.

In the other hand, I have much interest in foreign fire service. So I need Info-materials, for example, video, CD, books, etc. Unifroms interest me also much.

But this is not a condition for my helping your collection. In any case, I will help you.


Page for Korean fire patches


For Fire-helmet Collectors

So far, I've been sending many old fire helmets of our fire service to foreign firefighters.

But, I'm not a collector and I just want to help firefighters.

Therefore it is getting difficult to send more fire helmets, because we have not enough helmets in our fire station.


Fortunately, I found a way to buy old and new fire helmets recently. The price of each helmet is about 80 Euro. A little bit expensive.

You can read abour our fire helmets here.

If you want one or more, I can help you.


The ways of payment ;

Check (82 Euro)

A set of Uniform of youth fire brigade

Equippment for operation or media for fire safety education(for example video, CD, a set tools, etc)

A set of Uniform of firefighter(except full dress)

Anything interesting to me in your fire brigade


If you're interested in it, write to me, please!


Was your e-mail returned to you?

Everyday I received about 100 e-mails. But most of them are spam-mails. I set the e-mails as spam-mails and let my e-mail system prevent from receiving the spam-mails.

But, I make mistakes on and off.

A few days ago, a firefighter sent a letter to say that his e-mails were refused from my e-mail system. As soon as I read the letter, I checked my spam mail list. And I found the e-mails of those whom I communicate with, in the spam mail list.

I corrected the list, but I'm not sure if I did it perfectly.


So, if your e-mails were refused, let me know the problem without hesitation!

Write in the guestbook or to my other e-mail addresses;


2005 CTIF Fire brigade competitions

I will fly to Varazdin on the July 13th and come back to Korea on the July 26th. I think it will be not so easy to take contact with you in Varazdin via e-mail.

In Varazdin during the CTIF fire brigade competitons, I will play a roll as a coordinator and translator of our team. During this competitions, our provincial fire chief will stay in Varazdin and he will participate in a conference or a few official events. I will guide him with a fire woman officer.


Korean fire brigade(Pyeong-chang) will participate in the CTIF 2005 fire brigade olympics as the first Asian participant.

Every 2 year and 4 year, the International competitions of youth fire brigades and fire brigades are held. Most of the participating countries are member of CTIF.

My country ist not a member of CTIF and take little interest in the competition, but I'm interested in it and make efforts for informing it to our firefighters. The history of the competition is so long and the competition seems and interesting so great. I could see the video of the competiton thanks to a man of the CTIF.

I and my former chief and vice chief tried much to participate in this competitions, but we didn't expect much about the possibility. Nevertheless, with the help of the fire officers of CTIF and the governor of our province, we can participate in this fire olympiade. Now, our participants are preparing earnestly for the competitions.

The next competition will be held in July, in Varazdin. In the last Autumn, I visited the professional fire brigade Varazdin. The city and its fire brigade were so beautiful and there were much to see. The 140th annversary ceremony of the fire brigade will be held in this year. Not only so many fire brigades from Croatia and foreign countries but also the president participted in the last 135th anniversary ceremony.

To my sorry, no one from Korea can participate neither in the competition nor anniversary ceremony. But, I recommend you to visit the great events. It will be good to you.

Here ist the homepage of the competition and Brochure(from the homepage)

See you later in Varazdin!



I'm so famous in Freiburg(Feburar 7)

I'm so sorry that I could not write newly for a month. Now, I'm staying also in Freiburg Fire Department.

In the meantime, I was dispatched nealy 80 times in Freiburg, because I stay nearly always at the fire department without holidays or Weekends. Because of the accumulated fatigue and unchageable life, I feel often difficulty.

And I koresspond with my fire friends to organize my visit, and with the CTIF because our provincial fire service want to paticipate in the CTIF fire brigade competitions in Varazdin, Croatia.

My former chief who is so passionate and interested in international friendship therefore to helped me so much, moved to the provincial fire service headquarter as the vice chief at the beginning of January.

He wanted to how we can participate in the CTIF fire brigades competitons, and I asked my friends and other fire officer in CTIF about it.

The vice chief reported our hope for participation in the international competitons to the governor of our province. I thought it was very difficult to hear positive answer from him because of the cost.

But to our surprise, the governor allowed us to participate in the Olympics.

we can now participate in your competition as the first Asian participating nation in the history of the CTIF Competitions, only if CTIF can give us a chance.
Since we heard the positive answer from our governor, we have been imaging the first international soccer game between your Croatian firefighters and our Korean firefighers during our stay in Varazdin.


Now, I'm so famous suddenly in Freiburg. Many people recignize me.

in January, I was appeared in 4 reginoal newspapers and TV. You can see the articles in the following links. Sorry, but in German.


And sooner or later, I will be appeared again in German and Austrian fire magazins.

If you want to visit Korean fire department or travel Korea, tell me without delay. I and our firefighters help you, and moreover if you are firefighter, more accomodations will be served to you. For example, guide, transport, etc.

Special e-mail address for this :


My practice and visit plan was partialy changed. I was invited to Zurich and Wien.

Plan of practice and visit

Hion-kook from Freiburg


. Practice in Germany

Since the last visit to several fire brigades in Germany, I came to hope for a several-monat-long practice in a professional fire brigade in Germany, in order to learn the more developed techniques and experiences

Although I asked to so many professional fire brigades about that, their answers were negative. When I was therefore about to give up, an expected luck came to me.

The high fire officer, Gerhard Lai in Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, Baden-Würtemberg was willing to help me. Markus Bruchmann, a great fire helmet collector, told him what I wanted. The fire high officer and Mr. Bruchmann are in a volunteer fire brigade.

We talked much for 2 months and then I received a letter of invitation from Mr. Lai.

My practice is going to be done from the beginning of November to the end of next March in several fire brigades, fire schools and other institues.

The stay in German will be very suitable for me with help of Mr. Lai.

After the practice, I will visit several firefighters and fire brigades in Belgium, Poland, Czech, Austria, also in Germany for a month..

I thank Mr. Lai and Mr. Bruchmann one more time for such help and their kindness.

Plan of practice and visit(Modified)

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